Having a protection policy gives you the peace of mind that your consumption will not hinder your life. You are about to join many others in changing the stigmata of cannabis in the world. Submitting your Identification Card, signifies your signature to obtain our service. Once submitted, you'll head over to the payment page and submit your deposit. 




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We do offer custom plans for couples. Call us or speak to your Sales Agent 


Cannabis Consumer Protection 
Service Agreement


A:           You must be older than 21 to obtain our policies, children are covered as well under adults, parents, and/or guardians...

B:           You must consume cannabis responsibly, which is based on your own lifestyle and your own responsibilities.

C:           After deposit has been made, monthly payments must be paid every 30 days thereafter.

D:           After an accident has occurred, you must complete the company’s *7-day challenge, with our tests that we provide confirming no (THC) or CBD is in your system.(this will assist you in being a more responsible consumer)



a)      If a policyholder is at work they must immediately after any accident that has occurred, notify your employer/supervisor/management.

b)      If the accident is an emergency, you should follow the following procedures:

·         You must contact emergency services(911) to prevent any or further bodily injuries that may be a  result of the accident.

·         After an accident occurs you must immediately comply with law enforcement, and/or your employer’s demand for a drug analysis.

c)      Contacting claims department - 1-888-4174-888

·         After a positive drug analysis for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is detected in your system, you must contact GCI via telephone, app request, email, or fax. The quickest way is by telephone. Inform us of the accident and the nature of it.

You and your employer must be willing to cooperate and assist, in case of any investigation by GCI and/or law enforcement.


Upon returning to work you must be able to provide to the employer, with evidence stating that your “system” is free and clear of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and you agree to stay in compliance with your employer’s safety standards in order to maintain employment. The same goes for if an accident that requires law enforcement. The same evidence from a medical practitioner, must be provided to law enforcement, this may be required to regain driving privileges.



For a claim to be approved,  you must be in good standing with no missed payments. Missed payments adjust the amount of benefits you receive if an accident occurs. 


If an accident requires that you be absent from work for at least 7 days, we will provide you with a daily benefit until you are approved to return to work. "This is not worker’s compensation". If the lost time claim is approved the lost time only claim will pay the employer for the lost time as well. The employer may also request damage claims from GCPC, if the accident was the cause of the damage.



After a period of 90 days of an active service, you must schedule an in-person interview, the interview is to evaluate your status, and to ensure you are is receiving the maximum amount of benefits based on your serviceability .


After a period of 12 months of service, you will be reevaluated, and the price of your payments will be either reduced or increased based on the conclusion of the reevaluation, this reevaluation also takes place after each claim is approved. 



You are responsible for any payment in excess of the benefit regularly provided by GCPC. In case we make payment in excess of the benefit, you are required to reimburse the excess amount throughout your premium payments. The policy cannot be cancelled until excess has been repaid in full.



A)     The protection service will not pay for an incident that is not a result of the accident, the service is applicable to injuries or disease resulting from       accidents at the work place. Therefore, a disease is not bodily injury by accident unless it results directly from bodily injured by the accident.   

B)     The protection service will also not pay nor refund expenses incurred voluntarily, or assumptions of obligations.

C)     The company will not pay any claim for damages over the limit covered.

D)     Negative instances with children will adjust amount claims can be approved for.

E)     If you agree to use cannabis responsibly, failure to do so will prevent our services from being active. 



All payments for this service will be determined by our manual of classification, rates, rules and rating plan. The manual maybe changed, which will also affect changes in our services. The payment will be paid when its due beginning with deposit, if the service period is longer than one year, all provision of this service will apply as though a new service account was issued, on each annual anniversary. (PLEASE NOTE. A portion of your Deposit will be refunded in twelve months, depending on the use of our services offered to you.)



We have the right but not an obligation to inspect if you are insurable and in case of any findings, your payments will be adjusted accordingly. And you will be notified of any inspection prior to it being carried out.



·         To cancel this service, you must mail or deliver, in advance a written notice stating exactly when and why the cancellation is to take effect.    

·         Cancellations of services normally happen during the inspection process, and/or if  you are found not being responsible with your use.

·         The cancellation will take effect on the date specified on the cancellation letter or notice.

Prior to approval of service cancellation any and all ongoing payments of benefits will cease and you will be sole responsible for any further damages and/or claims.