Credit Insurance We Offer

Each policy carries a min. 2-year Term, with a $100 Deposit.


Credit life insurance covers debt in the event of death. In the case of a loan, the policy can repay the capital amount in part or in full. With revolving debt, such as a credit card, the insurer pays the amount owed at the last billing cycle.


Credit disability insurance offers protection against a client’s insolvency caused by an injury or disability.


Unemployment insurance repays debt a client is unable to pay due to an unforeseen job loss.


Credit property insurance provides mortgage protection against costs related to property in the event of death, injury, or unemployment.


Trade credit insurance is a policy designed for businesses to protect companies from insolvent customers.


Home mortgage protection that includes the cost of Mortgage Payments and/or upgrades to property that relates to a policyholders death, job less. or disability.


Pays for debt unable to due to death, injury, disability, or employment termination


This particular coverage we provide is strictly for business owners, merchants, farm owners, etc. We provide coverage when situations arise with your customers. 

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The Cost of our Credit Insurance Coverage is: 


.25 of every Dollar Insured


Updated: 09/09/19


Any Adjustments will result in refunds of adjusted amounts to all policyholders.