Cannabis Use and its Effects

Cannabis Use and its Effects

Driving –

This is something that is not encouraged, but it is possible and not for everyone. Driving and consuming can be a very dangerous mix, especially if the consumer is new to THC. As with any learning process, consuming THC and driving can be perfected. While driving a person’s focus must be on everything, they see in front of them, to decide on how to operate the vehicle. Driving and riding high, is two totally different feelings, into which we recommend riding and consuming only, but a person should not be penalized for doing so. If an accident occurs, then that person should be held accountable for their own actions and assumptions that they could drive and consume. It’s not for everyone, and the ones that it is not for, they know their limits and they know if they can or cannot drive and consume.

Performing Tasks –

Consuming cannabis and operating machinery can be done but is highly not recommended for machinery that holds other people’s lives at hand. For example, Airplanes, Buses, limo’s, etc. Now a person working at fast food places would be able to operate more efficiently, since cannabis, if used safely, can be controlled to focus on tasks, especially when it is repetitive tasks.

Mood & Thinking –

Anyone that consumers will tell you that consuming cannabis does, in fact, ease a person’s mood, thus adding to the list of things that cannabis can do. (Mood Stabilizer)  Upon consuming, a person will feel effects within 10 min of consuming, and depending on the amount of cannabis consumed, it will last for the better part of 4 hours. The effects peak at around the 1st hour then begins to decline. Depending on the person's tasks, at hand, they will either put their focus on what they are doing and/or may not want to focus on anything and in this case, the mind will not want to do anything. More than likely when this occurs the consumer has consumed an indica strain.

The Blood Stream

Based on reports from pasts test and analysis, and with current analysis today, We have found that if a person within a certain weight class consumes cannabis, it will remain within their bloodstream for approximately 7-10 days after the consumption. The effects of THC leave the body once it leaves the bloodstream.

Ex. A person with a body weight of 250+ needs at least 10 days to clear bloodstream.

The Urine System

The urine system is a more delicate and sophisticated system. If THC is consumed, it will take approximately 30-40 days for it to clear this system.

Ex. people that are above 250 lbs, it will take up to 60 days for THC to leave the urine system.

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