What is a Cannabis Protection Policy??


Simply providing protections against possible eventualities that involve the consumption of cannabis, be it THC or CBD. 


What is a claim, and when would I need to file one?


 A formal request for coverage or compensation for a covered loss that may be due to an accident. You would need to submit a claim in the event of an accident at work, or when ever you're pulled over and you have or are consuming, or in the event that Child Protective Services wants to intervene in your lifestyle because of your or your children's consumption.


Do claims have stipulations?


Yes. In order to be approved for claims you must be able to prove that THC has left your system, we handle this at no additional charge, in all reality this will actually help you become a more responsible consumer of cannabis. 



What happens if I am pulled over by law enforcement?


First and foremost, if you are being pulled over, please make no sudden movements. If they ask for your ID, give it to them, or have it ready before they get to your window. If they ask to search, allow them to. If they find you stash, request to contact your "cannabis insurance company", The officer may or may not allow this. If they agree, call us let us know this situation and ask the officer to speak with us, and don't say anything else, but "thank you and have a nice day." If you are arrested for possession, contact us toll free, and we'll setup bonding services and you will have an attorney to represent you at a discounted rate or no extra charges, this solely depends on the type of policy you have with us. 



What happens if DSS, CPS wants to take my children, because of my consumption?


As part of your policies protections, we have a system in place where, your children will remain safe 100% of the time needed, you can be in contact with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and can see them anytime you want. Our system is in place to satisfy the needs of DSS and CPS, without giving your children to someone you do not know, and without disrupting your child's current lifestyle. This system consist of certain tasks that you as a parent must complete and agree to. 


How does the Home Growers Policy Work??


We provide you with coverage that covers your home grow from seed to harvest. You are paying for the complete protection of you home grow and its setup. For new growers, we can assist with the complete setup of your home grow. You will have access to discounts on premium products and supplies that you're gonna need. Protection in the event of an accident with the setup. We can assist with guidance to make sure you're doing it right and most importantly, safe...


What is Credit Insurance?(This is for either Individuals and/or Businesses)?


*Credit life insurance covers debt in the event of death. In the case of a loan, the policy can repay the capital amount in part or in full. With revolving debt, such as a credit card, the insurer pays the amount owed at the last billing cycle.


*Credit disability insurance offers protection against a client’s insolvency caused by an injury or disability.


*Unemployment insurance repays debt a client is unable to pay due to an unforeseen job loss.


*Credit property insurance provides mortgage protection against costs related to property in the event of death, injury, or unemployment.


*Trade credit insurance is a policy designed for businesses to protect companies from insolvent customers.


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