When would I need to report a claim.
You would need to report a claim when any of the following occurs:


  • You have an accident at work, and you are to be drug tested. (We cover THC/CBD, and nothing else.) If you are to be tested, report to us prior to the test, if possible. If you can't that's fine also. Either submit the form below or give us a call at 1-888-4174-888 to get your claim started.


  • Child Protective Services want to remove your child from the home. We at GCIC, know the importance a child is to the parent and vice versa. Therefore our policies guidelines follows the guidelines of Child Protective Services, but not placing the child with someone our policyholder does not know. This is part of the Emergency Services we offer.


  • You are pulled over by law enforcement and you have up to the legal amount, Only if they are wanting to detain you and you have up to the legal limit, which is up to 1 oz for all 50 states) (Request from the Officer if you can contact your protection company, so they can speak with us)

         For more information about how to deal with Law Enforcement, call our customer care agents and request, what you 

should do when you are pulled over by law enforcement. -> 1-888-4174-888 <-



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