• Lorena Watson

    I didn't realize I made a mistake until after it was done, but thanks to GCI, I was able to keep my job and understand what my limits are. Thank you GCI

  • Dave Roman

    When Germaine came to me and asked if I wanted protect my consumption, I was a bit clueless, but every since I got it, I truly feel more at ease with my consumption. Thanks Germaine, every consumer of cannabis needs these policy's, ASAP...

  • Anonymous Policyholder

    I paid my deposit and got pulled over just 3 hours after. The officer wanted to arrest me, but after I politely requested that I contact my cannabis protection company to see if we could find another way to handle the situation, I wasn't arrested, but I do have to get THC out of my blood system, Guess I'm taking the 7-day challenge. Then back to consuming...Responsibly...

  • Anonymous Policyholder (L.P)


  • Jimmy D.

    I was arrested for possession. I had 14 Grams of some good ole Lemon G that I purchased from Herbal Cure in Denver, CO. When I got back home to South Carolina, I was pulled and they found it. While dealing with the officer, I forgot I could have called them if the officer would have allowed me to, before, so I called Green Choices from jail, I spoke with Ashley, She really helped me out. I was out within 3 hours. I didn't have to pay the bond, nor did I have to pay any lawyer fees, and my case was dropped the next day. I'm going to always make Green Choices.

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